I Just Love My Chickens

Hi, and Welcome!

"I just love my chickens."  I actually said that in front of a television camera!  In a weak moment and with a big grin, I said what the director of the show wanted me to say! 

But it's true.  I just love my chickens!  This site will tell you why.

This is me in September 2002 with one of my friends. Above, my first chicken house and exercise pen.

Since I was a small boy visiting my grandfather's farm, I have been fascinated by these domestic friends. Today, in the hills of Los Angeles, I raise chickens and make pets, not soup, out of them. And I collect and use the freshest eggs anywhere!

I have new babies, as of December 10, 2008.  Photos coming soon!

Enjoy my site.  Maybe it will inspire you to raise some chickens yourself.

~~ Carl Hunter


Photos courtesy of Kurt Rademaekers, Dan Hooper and various web sites.